Wholesale & Services Terms and Conditions


OG clothing Company 163 wood street, London E17 3LX offer the following products /services, under the below terms & conditions!


  • Whole sale of OGCC Fashion products
  • Online & Retail services (for online see our Delivery information)


  • Bespoke Manufacturing services
  • Store (rental) collaboration /partnership / rentals for external brands/ clients to sell from single rail to whole store agreement depend on availability & negotiations

By buying online/ coming into our store show room/ you are abiding by our payment rules & regulations which are there to protect all parties in the event of returns/ disputes. 

  • Online/ Phone Transactions (not face to face)

1A) Card payment (Credit/Debit) online is the quickest and easiest payment method. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Maestro & American express. Your card will be charged once your order has been processed.

1B) PayPal is the next preferred method of payment our paypal id is sales@oggroup.co.uk  . Another payment method is via Bank Transfer, which can be requested and sent to the following:

1C) Bank Transfer can be made to the below account:

Pound Sterling Account

Sortcode - 309908
Account No - 02377277

1D) For, international transfers please email your order and your full company details & due to brand reputation, if we accept your order we will send you our IBAN & BIC details to make transfer(s) as well as the appropriate paper work.

1E) Inform us by email info@oggroup.co.uk  or phone 0208 521 9133 if you wish to make your order by bank transfer and we will email you the relevant process!

1F) Please be aware that bank transfers can take a few days to clear for customers outside of the UK and the order will only be dispatched once payment has been received. Please remember to mention your order no in Reference (While Transferring Payment) or your name as on the order, this will help us to match your payment received with order placed. In case you leave your Reference field empty, this will delay your order processing. 

1G) Please email a copy of the receipt of payment to info@oggroup.co.uk once the transfer has been made.

1H) Cash payment can be made by those collecting goods from our London showroom

1i) Cheques are accepted, but not recommended as we will only ship the goods once the cheque has cleared into our account. This usually takes up to 5 working days.

1J) We will not be able to change Shipping address in case you have made your payment using Card payments or Paypal due to security measures and to avoid unwanted chargebacks. In special cases we can change your shipping address but we need your ID proof with matching name under which you have placed your order and also any utility bill or bank statement showing the address where you want us to ship your order.

1K) In Case your payment is on hold/un-cleared due to mismatch billing or shipping names, addresses, card details or anything else we need your ID and address proof in order to proceed with your order, you will be notified through an email and upon providing us with satisfactory proofs we will process your order. We need these formalities to protect our customers and any fraud attempt

1L) In case your card payment got declined, here can be several reasons and you need to make sure :

- Your billing address (filled at checkout page) must match your debit/credit card statement.

- Extra security / restrictions applied to your card might result in payment cancellation.

- For registered customers please make sure you always use cards with same name as on account and with same billing address, if you wants to use different card please make sure you check name and billing address on new card which must match details as on account

- For paypal orders there is no restrictions related to address, only required is funds in your paypal account.

2) Face to Face (Wholesale) Transactions In-Store/ Showroom:

2A) Our payment preference is cash or bank transfer and we will not release goods until transfers (cheques) are cleared and goods cannot be taken from store face to face unless fully paid!

2B) If client comes in store/ wholesale show room and uses (credit) card to purchase wholesale stock or manufacturing/ rental services, we will video record the transaction and stock/ services received where appropriate in order to protect our interest in the event a customer denies entering the store or even receiving the goods! This term and conditions provides clear proof and evidence of transactions agreed, made & received. This agreement would be followed up by the relevant documents/ invoices there after by email.

2C) Wholesale/ clearance goods picked in store by the customer under UK law are not subject to refunds/ exchanges (unless agreed at our discretion) and should be checked thoroughly before taking the goods of the premises! If a fault is discovered the customer must email us at info@oggroup.co.uk  with proof and evidence of the fault within 7 days of receiving the goods by email and if found correct a full refund will be given!

2D) For any refund to be considered under the above circumstances we need the all the goods returned to us, as sold, same condition, complete as per order transaction. If client sold any goods on/ kept and goods thus a shortfall of the original order we will not process any return unless goods are found faulty within the above time scales given and emails received with the relevant information as outlined in section 2.