Partnership Ambassador/Affiliate schemes

Partnership Ambassador/Affiliate schemes

The site also works with many global O.G. Clothing brand (ambassador/ affiliates) who promote the website with their own special ambassador web link associated to an account on the website. It is Ambassador Affiliate Partners responsibility to read all terms and conditions set out on this website and the information contained within.

Ambassadors can make sales if they promote and people buy from that link. Ambassadors can log in and see what sales have been made and what payments are due. The payments will be made one whole calendar (4 to 5 weeks) month after the sale is made, in case there is any product returns etc, in which case no commissions will be paid out.

Note what the “ambassador/ affiliate partnership” refers to as, strictly “relevant profit-sharing partners, per sales made”. We pay 5% to 10% of the overall sale unless otherwise agreed! This percentage normally would be to do with how many followers an ambassador affiliate has or how influential they are in general.

Conditions of Joining Partnership Schemes

  • Do you have a large social network of minimum 10k followers and ideally over 50k followers (the more the better)?
  • Partners must invoice us within a maximum of 6 months’ time period from the sales being made. As we need an invoice to make any payment against. We expect all our partners to be active enough to be making sure they promote the appropriate links/ pages, check their own accounts for payments due and request payment against invoice sent to us. If we do not get the invoice within 6 months of sale, we have the right to keep the funds as this would indicate a non-active partner. So, at the very least partners are expected to actively promote links /products and to check their on-line account and that will be their full responsibility. Invoice templates can be found online and should be emailed to finance department and sent to

Note all information provided; prices, agreements, descriptions, news etc can updated any time without notice or prior notification though this will never effect any agreement signed.



OG Clothing Co. Fashion Brand Affiliate Partnership Agreement Between the following parties (party = consisting of vendor and (affiliate) partner)

Vendor: OG Clothing                           Date:

Propose a Partnership with the below partner with the following terms and conditions where a signature is not required as by setting up as an affiliate you are agreeing to all terms and conditions set out!

Partner : Artist X (aka) or real name ____________  Address____________ Phone___________  email _____

OG Clothing Co. confirms it will make payment to the above partner on all sales for either or both companies products and services according to the agreed percentage commissions for either or both companies. 

By promoting our links via our affiliate scheme you are automatically accepting our partnership affiliate ambassador scheme. You are accepting that we have the right to use all photographs, videos or any media files taken or given with the individual / group wearing OG Clothing. OG Clothing has the right to use these pictures for their ongoing marketing purposes.

I hereby have fully agreed for OG Clothing Co. Ltd to haven taken photos and video footage of myself, group, company or brand (Partner) I/ we / company / artist/ agent / management / charity / business: agree to let all pictures, photos and images of myself, group, company or brand to be used by OG Clothing Co. Ltd for their ongoing marketing purposes.

Agreed Percentage for products sold under OG Clothing Co. (OG =

Agreed Percentage for services sold under OGCC

Above Affiliate Partner has: Read and understood all information (Terms and conditions) on how the partnership scheme works and has read all the information below and is happy to proceed to this agreement without signature via filling in the online ambassador affiliate programme

All Information & Terms & Conditions:

  • Online websites statements 
  • Partnership schemes statement and note 
  • How to set up the partnership scheme step by step    
  • Advanced affiliation membership and partnership charges (if applicable) 
  • Commission structure / partnership plans 
  • Conditions of joining Partnership Schemes
  • Individual partnership agreement (example)  
  • Privacy policies 
  • Our use of cookies  


Partner has no liability in any which way or form whether that be financially or commercially and therefore this is a risk free partnership where partner is free at any time to leave the partnership scheme. This does not relay to Partner’s purchasing products and services as all products and services purchased by the partner though discounted will follow the latest sales of goods act and relevant English laws.