We gladly accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Dinners Club. For your convenience, we also accept PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Apple Pay.

We are required to charge sales tax on orders placed in the state of Missouri, where our U.S. Distribution Center is located. Outside of Missouri, we do not charge sales tax.

Please track your order using our "Track My Order" feature. You can enter your order number to find out the status of an order you have placed. Track your order here.

We like to get your order processed and shipped as soon as possible. Therefore, you cannot change your order once it has been placed without contacting us at mamadouxsales@gmail.com to notify us of the change you would like to make. If you haven't recieved confirmation that your order has shipped, we may be able to make a change to your order. Please contact us immediately with an order change request.

When you place an order, your card will be charged immediately. If there is an issue with the payment, you will be notified. If you feel that there was a mistake with processing your payment, please contact us at mamadouxsales@gmail.com with the issue.

Absolutely! We love helping to make a gift more special. Please contact us at mamadouxsales@gmail.com immediately after placing your order and we will be happy to gift wrap your item. Gift-wrapped items will be placed inside a small box and wrapped with Mamadoux-themed wrapping paper. We can provide you with a gift reciept either through email or a paper reciept included with the gift. Please be sure to enter the recipient's shipping address on your order, if necessary. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer gift-wrapping services for a recipient outside of the United States.

Please review our return and exhange policies here.